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I've settled on a design. Finally!


A personal website is meant to be your home on the internet. An expression of your interests, your passions, and your personality. It is supposed to represent you. Over the past year, I’ve redesigned this website 6 times, and I’ve deployed it 5 times. Each time, I was happy with it for a few weeks. I was proud of what I’d accomplished. Unfortunately, as time passed, the design didn’t quite spark that same joy. At some point, it had become a running joke…the website would never quite be done.

Until I started this iteration, I didn’t quite realise exactly why I never felt content with a design for longer than a few months at most. However, at some point, working on the design I’ve come to understand the reason.

Each day, I have new experiences. I learn new things and talk to different people, and every day my perspective on the world shifts ever so slightly. Well, if my site is meant to be a reflection of who I am, and who I am changes every day, then does it not stand to reason that my site should change to reflect that? I won’t go as far as to say that no part of the constant redesigns wasn’t a result of perfectionism or even laziness, but I think it is important to recognize that the primary reason I never felt content with the design because I was growing, as a designer, as a developer, and most importantly as a person.

So, with that said, the title of this post is a bit misleading. As of now, I am quite fond of this design, and I don’t see myself attempting another redesign in the near future, but I am sure that someday, another redesign will certainly come about. I look forward to that day because it means that I am continuing to grow and that my skills are continuing to improve.

Past Designs

Here is a log of some of my past designs. Hopefully, they reflect the growth I’ve spoken about throughout this post.

(The pictures are all stock photos)