About Me

A little bit about me, the site, and everything in between

Hi, I'm Nirjhor!

I'm a first-year college student, currently living in New York. As a self-taught developer, I try to improve daily through practice. I love building things on the web and exploring the latest in web technologies. A firm believer that the future of technology lies on the web.

Currently available for web development work and opportunities.

Technologies & Colophon

I've been working on this site for the past year, and I've learned a lot. This iteration was built primarily with Astro and SolidJS, using TailwindCSS for the styling and MotionOne for animations. The site is entirely open source on my GitHub if you are interested. 

A lot of inspiration for the design was taken from paco.me. nxl.sh was a brilliant source to learn Astro and inspired a few snippets of code.